Chapter 21 Angels and the Earth


The Earth is a living breathing being with consciousness, with awareness. To get a feel for this, sometimes it works to hug a tree, if you are not too embarrassed that someone might see you.
Grace; ‘The tree was pulsing, I could feel it pulsing with energy’. R: The Earth’s energy is pulsing up into the trees.

If you have learned just a little bit to hear what the angel is saying, you might try this.
‘Put your ear on the ground and ask the Earth to speak with you’. Sound crazy? Then ask the Earth and it will speak to you. You need to be able to hear.

Christ and the Earth
In all 21of us a little bit of Christ resides. That can be developed. Even so with the Earth. Christ rested three days and three nights in the tomb before he was reclaimed. In these moments he was received into the Earth. The Earth itself having consciousness, also has the potential for Christ consciousness. This is residing in the core. Sometimes the Earth experiences that Christ consciousness. This Raphael called the 33 Gifts of the Spirit. It radiates these gifts outwards. It has its cycles and, in its epiphany, its ‘high’ state, the gifts go out into the universe. An open heart can receive these and welcome the gifts into their life. These are the gifts of the transfiguration, blessings of the Lord.

Going Down & Finding Christ at Glastonbell
I was feeling very down. So I sat down on the earth. I was in the mountains outside the city. I sat and let myself go down.
My spirit was heavy and I let it sink into the earth. It’s not pleasant to feel down. But I did it and I went down and down, over 3 days. The suspense was killing me. But surprise when I reached the Earth’s core I found the Christ. This was a revelation. And I returned with my revelation.
The next day water spouts were seen (and shown on TV). In these the water is drawn upwards in a shape like a tornado. I hadn’t heard of these nor seen them before. And where I was snow came down on the waratahs, in late October!
Some things were going up. Some things were going down. Angels were going up and down, the stairway to heaven. Ascension and descension were part of each other. Bliss was discovered, and myth.

Gaia & Albion
This Christ connectedness is not in conflict with concepts of Gaia. The Earth itself has two angel fragments. These are embedded in its structure, and identified by the number 60. They are;
an icosahedron (20 sided structure) whose side is a triangle, (3 sided). This is the Gaia structure, female the triangle being a receptive shape. Its colour is blue, and it is more lunar. It is the lunar fragment. This is the origin of stories about Lemuria.
Moon fragment of Earth structure. Notice the ‘as above, so below’ forms.

A dodecahedron (12 sided structure) where the sides are the pentagon, (5 sides). This is a radiant form. The angel calls the fragment Albion, the old name of England, but I have seen it called Solaris because of its solar nature. It is the sun fragment. It is emerald in colour. This is the origin of stories about Atlantis.

Sun fragment of Earth, structure.

We saw this Sun-Moon structure previously in the talk on the child and problems occurring in child development. This is the structure the angels will utilize to cleanse and evolve the Earth.
The Earth is evolving. It is changing. We must relearn to have awareness of it, and respond to its changes. They are not whimsical. They are not vengeful. They are adjusting to the tides of change, and resetting their encodings.
The Earth is very compassionate like a giant whale. It cannot be an enemy. We, and our fear are our own enemies. The Love that the Earth has for us is the Love the Christ has for us.
There are new cycles being activated at this time. The cycle of the Angelic structure is 60,000 years. This makes this present time significant in the future history of the planet. We can take part, or remain our own agent. We have a choice.

The Landscape Angels

Q.In my meditation I saw the Creation. “How can I experience something that happened so long ago?”
When you look at the sky at night you see the light of stars that are millions of light years away. They say its light was created millions of years ago, and it is just appearing now for us to see. As we go further away, we seem to go back farther in time, until somewhere there is a beginning. Here the creation is occurring now. You were seeing this.

“There is no difference between out there and in here”- ANGEL LAW

The creation is also occurring inside of you. As is the history of the Universe, and also the history of the Earth, and also your own personal history up to now. And surprisingly the whole future history till the very end is also inside of you. This is a mystery revealed. Time is not how we imagine it to be. It is not a clock.

In our very first channeling from Archangel Raphael he said;
‘Time as you know it will cease to exist’.
The Maya calendar concludes on the year 2012. This is not to say that the world ends here. The world as we know it will end. It will be different. We cannot anticipate it. We can just help the changes that must happen, and trust in the process.

Geology tells us that rock formations and landscape formations were laid down over millions of years, by some haphazard process. No intelligence was involved. And some how human beings came into existence by this same process.
There is a cave that is a traditional Aboriginal birthing cave. It is right near the ocean. When you enter it, the terrors begin to come up. When you exit the cave and go to the water’s edge and look up, you can see in the rock, a huge eagle with its wings out stretched, ready to take flight. I cannot believe that haphazardness just made this, or that someone got up there and hacked it out.

Raphael talks to me about ‘Creative Spirits’ .  
   He says  “the creative spirit forms a pattern in the ethers, and the landscape forms around this pattern”.

Each landscape feature has a creative spirit. I call them angels. They let me see them. These angels of Light are continuously dancing and weaving and keeping in place the pattern that supports the landscape feature. This seems so new and fresh in contrast to a rock formation like Uluru, which seems so ancient, fixed and reliable. Wouldn’t it be funny if we woke up one morning and Mt. Everest and even the Pyramids, were in a different place? The landscape seems to form anchors in our lives.

Landscape temples
In Victoria there have been identified several patterns in the landscape formations that people have referred to as landscape temples. One such pattern reflects the Southern Cross star pattern, It consists of Mt Dandenong, Mt Macedon, Mt Buninyong, the Yoo-Yangs, and Oasis Anu Ta retreat in Bacchus Marsh. Another identified overlapping pattern is a Star of David centred on Lake Burrumbeet and associated goldfields. If you take pilgrimage into these temples you will be surprised at the amount of magic that is contained within them. And your respect and love will keep them activated. We don’t know how old these patterns may be nor who originally formed them but we know they are valuable.
The rocks and mountains themselves have angels that communicate. They can even speak to, and through us.

One day I was dancing and began to speak. Out of me in a very deep drone-like voice came these words,


 the ROCK 

This was an awesome experience.

Not long after this when I was lying on the ground, trying to tune in to what was happening with Mary there. I had an experience where I could not get off the ground for two hours. An earthquake had been occurring in my hometown 600kms away. Its epicenter was directly below where I had lived for seven years. I had often fallen asleep with my forehead on the floor. This was the first inkling of my connection with disasters and with Raphael as angel ruling over disasters.

The Seraphic Flows and the Cherubim Flows are like the Ley-lines that are well documented, especially in England. They have the Mary lines and Michael Lines. You can read about them in Hamish Miller’s book “The Serpent and the Sun”.

M.G. says
The land speaks to me. I am led to sacred places, places that have been lost. Their power is acknowledged just in my being there.

I had to break my way through the underbrush, through the lantana where no path led and then it opened up into a beautiful untouched pool, with a beach. The Spirit was strong here and the sense of connectedness to what had been sacred by the original custodians.

Sometimes birds can be the custodians. These you must have permission from. A shag could be the keeper. When you first come to the site, the shag might be looking away. This is a sign of ’not yet’. Then they will do a dropping. This is a ‘yes’. And face in a direction to indicate where you are to go. There are subtle nuances. The land must be read. It is not superstition, or beliefs. It is angel skill.

V. says
I was walking in Beijing and felt the footpath massaging my feet. I felt a strong connection with ancient China as images and feelings of this historical land came up into me.
Author’s comment: The Earth has a spirit. A nation has a spirit. A nation has a history. As she walks on the earth the nation’s spirit is communicating to her. She will have a role to play in that nation’s future on Earth.

K. says
I bless the valley with love and send the love all down the valley. There are some folks who are caught in the darkness. I let fill whatever needs to be filled. This means plants, trees, river, all life. I’m extremely grateful. I see the spirit quickening so quickly.

Q.      How can we have an effect on a distant place?
In acupuncture strangely enough it occurs quite often that the best point to effect a cure, is a distant point. For example, for the head treat the foot or for the foot treat the head. There is not a normal logic. This is the same for the Earth. Because of the interaction of all the points and energies, activation at one place will by resonance and intention, affect a change at a different place. Timing will also be important, and sensitivity to the different energies. Eventually you will just go to a place and it’s angel will know why you are there and balancing will occur just by your presence.

Earthwork is not about Power it is about Balance.

Photos below from August 28th 2013 Tea gardens NSW Australia;
Arrival of the Solar Logos; Solaris; Male Sun fragment of Earth.Albion.

Click to see larger views. 

comment; the photos to do not even begin to show the depth of color which was displayed here.

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